Little Owls: Younger Pre-school

Our Little Owls Room helps your child develop their confidence and independence.

In this room, your child will continue to develop their skills as we help them to develop their independence through skills like toileting training and putting on their own coats. At this age, we also support them as they make sense of their relationships with others and develop concepts such as sharing.

Starting in this room, your child will begin to be among children in their own school year group. We feed into a number of local primary schools, so it is likely that you child will begin to make friends that they will go into Reception with.

Developing their independence

This is the age when your child will begin to develop a sense of independence. We encourage this by helping them to make their own decisions and they will have free access to games and toys so they can choose what they want to play with. 

This will continue throughout the day, including at meal times when they will begin to serve their own food and drink at the table.

Stimulating activities

Your child will enjoy free flow play to support their independence - meaning that they can access all toys and games under the supervision of our friendly team.

Their key person will track their progress and plan fun and stimulating activities based on their individual development needs.


We believe that mealtimes are social occasions, where your child can continue to develop their social and communication skills. So you child will sit at the table with their friends during meals.

We find that while eating with their peers, children are more likely to try different foods, including those that they refuse to eat at home.

Mealtimes also help to support your child's independence, as they serve their own food and drink with the support of our team.