The Ducklings: Toddlers

Our Ducklings Room supports your toddler as they start developing their independence and confidence. 

Typically, your child will join the Ducklings between 18 to 28 months, although we will work closely with you to decide when they are ready to move between rooms based on their development. 

At this critical stage of their development, we will support your child as they start to learn more about the world around them and begin to develop their independence and confidence.

Supporting your child's development

We know that every child develops at a different rate, so we treat them like an individual to support them as they grow. 

Your child will have their own key person, who will get to know their interests, strengths and weaknesses. They will track their development and use this to design activities based around them and their progress.

Learning through play

Your child will learn through play, with activities organised based on their individual development and how they are progressing. Through group games and one-on-one exercises, they will begin to learn essentials such as colours, shapes and counting.

While your child will choose how they would like to play, our team will help to guide them towards planning games and activities designed to support their growth.

Learning and playing outdoors

The Ducklings Room has direct access to the outdoor play area, which they use every day.

We know that some children prefer to learn outdoors, so the spectacular play area helps them to learn, play and grow in the best place for them.

Helping their emotional development

This is a key point in your child's emotional development and we support them as they start learning to manage their feelings and relationships with peers.