Safety and Security

Keeping your child safe is our top priority each day.

When you drop your child off each day, we want you to have the peace of mind that you are leaving them in a safe and secure environment. Their safety and security is our top priority and our experienced team work hard to ensure your child can learn and play safely each day.

We are proud that Ofsted has highlighted that our 'staff implement robust procedures throughout the nursery to keep children safe' and that our arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

A secure nursery

To keep the nursery secure, our entrance remains locked and only staff can give access to families and visitors. We have strong relationships with parents so that our team know who should be picking up your child and we have a password pick-up system in place if you want to arrange for someone unfamiliar to the nursery to collect them.

As part of our safeguarding policy, we have a strict policy in place prohibiting the use of phones or personal recording equipment inside the nursery for staff, parents and visitors.

An open relationship with parents

Ofsted have praised the strong relationships we build with parents. While we are confident that the procedures we have in place ensure that every child in our care will remain safe and secure, parents are always encouraged to discuss any concerns that they might have with us.

Our procedures are constantly under review to ensure that we are always following best practice.

Experienced and reliable team

We insist that all of our staff are trained in safeguarding, food hygiene and paediatric first-aid, with frequent 'top-up' sessions to keep their knowledge fresh. As standard, all our staff have enhanced DBS checks carried out.

Our staff have many years of experience in caring children safely and some have over a decade's experience at the nursery. They are led by a management team who have been in place for over 20 years.

A safe environment

Ofsted have praised our efforts to identify and reduce hazards inside and outside the nursery and staff do regular safety checks, checking all toys and equipment. Our large outdoor play area is safe and secure, with staff always supervising children.

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