Big Owls: Pre-school

Our pre-school room helps to support your child as they get ready for the transition to school.

All children aged 3 and 4 are eligible for 15 hours funded childcare per week during term time. This increases to 30 hours of funded childcare per week for working families. We can help you to apply for this and then we take it off your bill. Learn more on the Government's Childcare Choices website.

Preparing for school

To get ready for school, life in preschool is slightly more structured than in the younger rooms although your child will still learn through play. We will support you and your child to gain the independence skills needed for school, like taking responsibility for their possessions.

The term before your child goes to school, we work closely with their Reception class. We run activities like role playing with school uniform to help school readiness and your child's teacher will be invited to visit.

Learn, play and grow outdoors

The pre-school room is directly connected to our spectacular outdoor play area. Each day, your child will be able to play outside whatever the weather.

We know that some children learn better outdoors, so the outdoor area is designed to provide the same learning opportunities as the indoor pre-school room.

Stimulating activities

To support their independence, your child will enjoy free flow play and can access all toys and games, under the supervision of our staff. 

We encourage all the children to take a sense of pride in their achievements and learn to positively resolve their differences with others.

Their key person will plan stimulating and fun activities based on their individual development needs.

Trips away from nursery

Your child will go on frequent trips out of the nursery to learn more about their community and the world around them. This might be a nature walk, a trip to the greengrocers or a visit to the local library.

All trips are done with your consent and are fully supervised by our experienced team.