Bunnies: Babies

Our baby room cares for our youngest children in a calm and nurturing environment.

Caring for babies from 6 weeks old, our baby room is a calm, cosy and caring place as your child starts to grow. We work closely with you as your child settles into the room and will follow your home routine, to provide consistency for your child with feeding and sleeping. Our team will build a close relationship with you so that you will have peace of mind when you drop your baby off at nursery.

A stimulating environment

Your child will benefit from a baby room designed to help their development as they grow. 

Younger babies are able to enjoy a quiet and cosy space with toys, displays and activities to stimulate them and encourage their curiosity. Older babies can enjoy free play, promoting their social skills and satisyfying their inquisitive minds. 

Supporting your child's development

Each day, activities are planned based around your child's needs. Your child's key person will track their progress and design activities to support their growth.

We follow the Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which helps to stimulate and promote all areas of development through exploration and experimentation.

A dedicated team

Caring for your child and supporting them as they grow, we have a committed team of nursery nurses specifically chosen to care for this age group.

Our staff are based in the room permanently to provide your child with consistency and continuity. This includes your child's key person, who will know their individual needs and support them as they grow.